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Book Design and Production

Making it Easy

From selecting typefaces to choosing a binding, from researching and sourcing paper stock to designing a cover that sells, there are a lot of decisions to be made in producing a book—decisions that have a dramatic effect on impact and cost.

Within Design makes it easy. With our extensive experience in designing and printing books for many diverse markets, we are ready to lead you through the options and produce a publication that meets all your requirements.

Books of All Kinds


Within Design has designed, printed and bound many styles of books—hardback, soft cover, coffee-table books and novels, short-run year books and high-volume potboilers. We produce both Thai-language volumes for the local market and foreign-language volumes for export.

Producing Books in Southeast Asia—The Thailand Advantage

Southeast Asia, and Thailand in particular, has rapidly become a leading center for book production.

With modern printing presses, and the latest in binding technology, you get the same—or better—quality as elsewhere in the world, but at substantially lower prices.

By working with Within Design, you'll avoid the communication barriers that can sometimes make Southeast Asian cost-savings more troublesome than they're worth.

Our management and design team are used to working with clients in North America and Europe. We assure you of a smooth ride—and no compromise cost-effectiveness.